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Internal Movements Task Creation

Table of Contents

Replenish #

To create a new replenishment task, go to the “Internal Logistics” work center and select the “New Replenishment” view.

You should see the following scree. Enter the search parameters and click “Go”

Select the line item with the correct Site ID, Logistics Area ID, and Identified Stock ID. Click on the” Replenishment Quantity” button located on the right of the line item and enter the desired amount to replenish.

Click the “Request Replenish” button to continue.

Your request ID should be displayed on the bottom left side of the screen.

To assign the task to a user, select the “Task Control” view under the “Internal Logistics” work center.

Once you find your task, select the “Move Task” and the “Responsble” buttons to assign the tasks to a user and a task folder.

You should see the following screen displaying the replenish task to be confirmed. To confirm, click on the task and enter the required information. Click “Done” when finished to confirm the task.

You can verify that the task was confirmed in the application and in ByDesign.

Remove #

To create a removal task, select the “New Removal” view in the “Internal Logistics” work center.

You should see the following screen. Enter the Product ID you want to remove and click the “Go” button.

Select the correct line item and enter the removal quantity on the right-hand side of the screen.

Click on the “Request Removal” button to create the task.

You should see the successful creation of the removal task at the bottom

To assign the removal task go to the “Task Control” view of the “Internal Logisitcs” work center.

Once you have the correct task, click “Move Task” to assign the correct Task Folder ID. Then click the “Assign Responsible” button to assign the correct employee to the task.

You should now see the task has been confirmed and the status finished in  ByDesign.

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