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Generate QR code and set up for system connection

Introduction #

One of our latest additions is the capability to configure the app for login using a QR code, by using this option you can automatically fill the required fields to connect to the desired SAP environment where the WMS has been deployed.

Prior to this adjustment, the user had to manually enter the URL, Solution ID, SAP Client ID and the Access Key, now, by using these a QR code can be generated.

New settings screen with the QR scan option at the top

Creating QR Code #

In order to create the QR, first you need to receive from SEIDOR the corresponding values for URL, Solution ID, SAP Client ID, and the Access Key is entered by the final user based on the value setup in SAP.

Once those values are gathered, please arrange them in a single line of text in the following order:

TenantID;Hostname;SolutionID;SAP ClientID;AccessKey (separated by a semicolon)

For example:

The host can vary depending on the environment it can be “” “” or any other option, make sure to include the all the “.” one at the beginning of the host, and all the subsequent ones.

Once the text is created, go to a QR barcode generator, such as:

Using the QR Code #

That will create the QR code that can be later used in the app to scan and fill the settings fields, please save it to further usage.

Click the button at the top to trigger the camera and scan the fields

Final considerations #

Notice that since the QR is created from a given text, if you want to connect to another environment (test or production) or if the access key changes you’ll need to create a new QR code

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