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Export Multiple Logistics Area Barcodes

Configure Logistics Area template #

Navigate to WMS @Cloud – App Management > Configuration > Odata configuration

Click under the main record, and edit

Under the Print Templates Selection section, make sure the Mass Print Label Form is selected with the record that says P0CX2 – Default

Export Logistics Areas #

Navigate to WMS @Cloud – App Management > Configuration > Logistics Area Barcode Mass Print

Click on New

A list of Barcodes will be displayed on the left component, the list can be filtered with the search bar at the top by any of the values of the columns, once the Logistic Areas are filtered, you can either select them all or one by one.

Once the selection is done, you can click under the Mass Generation of Barcodes button

This will create under the Attachments section a list of PDF files with all the barcodes created, you have the option to Download them individually or together in a compressed zip File

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