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Create Logistics Area Barcodes

Mass creation via file upload #

Navigate to WMS @Cloud – App Management > Logistic Area Generator

Create on New, and the following screen will be displayed, click on the top Download to generate the template you’ll need to fill with the required information, the file will appear under the Attachments section below, proceed to click on the Download button within the attachments section.

Once the file is downloaded, proceed to fill the data within the csv file (For the Barcode you don’t need to enter the (93) as it’s automatically added in the backend) and save the changes.

Go back to the main screen, position your cursor under the Barcode.csv and click under the Replace button within the attachment section

Proceed to select the CSV file that you previously filled with the logistics area barcode data

Click on the Upload button to start the process (verify that the changed on date was updated, as this means the file was successfully replaced)

Manually create Logistics Area Barcode #

Navigate to Navigate to WMS @Cloud – App Management > Configuration > Logistics Area Barcodes

Click on New and enter the data manually, the Barcode must include the (93) prefix, please include it manually.

Click Save to confirm the changes, once done you can click on Preview to see the Label that was created

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