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Configure GS1-128 Barcodes

Introduction #

The GS1-128 barcode, also known as UCC/EAN-128 or simply Code 128, is a linear barcode symbology used to encode data in various industries, including logistics, healthcare, and retail. It is an extension of the Code 128 barcode standard and incorporates additional functionality and data formatting.

Navigate the menu to GS1-128 Barcode Configuration #

Click Create or Edit #

Specify the Order, Identifier ID, Type and optional length #

Notice that the length must be provided only if when decoded, the barcode does not show the application identifiers surrounded in parenthesis.

If they do appear in parenthesis, the values provided for the Length will be ignored, just like in this example.

Enable and Save the changes #

Click on enable, and save to see the changes reflected in the app.

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