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Close logged sessions in the App

Introduction #

The application has the capabilty to maintain one session open per user. Due to this, if the user is already in use by other device, this will be blocked for another devices. There is a maintenance table where you can manage the sessions and close them if is neccessary.

Navigating to the tenant maintenance table. #

In order to achieve the maintenance table, you must navigate to the main workcenter.

WMS @Cloud – App Management > Sessions

Once in the workcenter, a list will show up with a logged sessions historical. Right away you will see the “Operation” this is the status of the user. Then you will find the “Device Identification” this is the device ID. And finally the “User” which must coincide with the user you are trying to log in and seems to be blocked by other session.

Deleting the session from the maintenance table. #

The first thing you must look for is if your “User” name is in the list. If that is affirmative, then you can now look for the “Operation”, if its value is “Opened” then that means the user has an open session in a device.

Once you identify your “User” name you have two close session options. The first one is the “Close All Session” button that will close all the opened sessions in the maintenance table. And the other option is the “Close Session” button. This will work only for the selected line and will close the session for the selected “User”.

You can see the “Operation” information changed from Opened to Closed. That means the session has been closed sucessfully.

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